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  • How To Guides

    Power of attorney guide

    3rd Dec 2017

    Power of attorney guide: solicitors, costs and forms

  • How To Guides

    Alternative funerals guide

    7th Nov 2017

    Woodland burials, sky burials, eco burials and more

  • Interviews

    The Gift They Left Me #2: The Ashes Necklace

    21st Oct 2017

    The second of our new series on the special things passed down through the generations

  • News

    Our wonderful new film about passing on memories

    25th Oct 2017

    Ordinary people share stories of the personal treasures they want kept safe forever

  • News

    A new campaign by Child Bereavement UK asks one powerful question

    20th Oct 2017

    “What would you say if you had one more minute?”

  • News

    passingboxes is fundraising on crowdcube!

    16th Oct 2017

    Be part of our mission to change the way we deal with death. Make a positive difference. [Capital at risk.]

  • How To Guides

    Grieving a baby or infant death guide

    8th Oct 2017

    Grieving a baby or infant death: quotes, poems, gifts and keepsakes

  • How To Guides

    Eulogy guide

    25th Sep 2017

    Writing a eulogy: examples, templates, poems and tips

  • Culture

    TED Talk Of The Month: Robbie Stamp's How Grief Feels

    20th Sep 2017

    A powerful talk exploring grief through metaphor

  • How To Guides

    Making a will guide

    11th Sep 2017

    Making a Will: Costs, Templates and Solicitors

  • Culture

    “We’re a speck of dust… we’re nothing”

    16th Aug 2017

    Sarah Silverman finds perspective through comedy. Of course

  • How To Guides

    Funeral plan guide

    17th Aug 2017

    Costs, insurance, directors & tax

  • News

    “I wouldn’t want grief to stop tapping me on the shoulder.”

    26th Jul 2017

    Jeff Brazier on why it's good to grieve

  • How To Guides

    Bereavement guide

    14th Jul 2017

  • News

    Death Café founder Jon Underwood dies at 44

    1st Jul 2017

  • How To Guides

    Care homes guide

    21st Apr 2018

    Care homes in the UK: Fees & selection – how to choose

  • News

    "I don't know where to begin"

    29th Jun 2017

    The moving tribute to Grenfell

  • How To Guides

    Funeral party guide

    12th Jun 2017

    Wake invitations, venues and etiquette

  • Inspiration & Support

    Cosmic Corner

    25th May 2017

    Earthlings! In the end, this is all you need to know

  • News

    Keeping a dead body at home: one man’s emotive story

    25th May 2017

  • Culture

    Re-embracing the earth

    31st May 2017

    This innovative new burial method is a wonderful take on the philosophy that the end of life is a natural return to the soil

  • News

    Death and dildos: an unlikely duo

    1st May 2017

    This 14-year-old has a unique way of facing death: in a dildo costume

  • Inspiration & Support

    How a paramedic answers the question: “Am I dying?”

    1st Apr 2017

  • Science & Health

    Asking the Difficult Questions #1: what is the "death rattle"?

    6th Jun 2017